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Rediscover your Surroundings. The Aurora App works closely with local artists in your city that compose unique and exclusive tracks to areas around town.

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Soundtrack to your city.

Aurora is powered by local artists and displays exclusive tracks composed to your location better known as "Echoes". "Echoes" are locations where songs are available within Aurora. Through the app you can discover new places and listen to music that amplifies your surroundings. The App allows you to visually discover echoes as you come closer to them.


Aurora is powered by the latest GEO-FENCING technology to locate you and start streaming a song composed by a local artist to your area.


From the moment you put on your headphones and start your journey, Aurora brings you an experience that can't be explained, just experienced.


Local artists have the platform to message the audience around an area and invite them to shows, secret performances and much more.

and more...

Like no other.

The Aurora experience is unique to each track or "Echo". The music that you listen is matched by art, photography and other visual elements that brings all the elements together. While listening to the song, you feel the artist is right there with you and by reading the story of each track within the app you will rediscover each area of your city through the music of local artists around you.


The Story.

Each artist writes a story for each "Echo" within Aurora. This allows the audience to read a short story about the music they are listening by the artist who composed it.

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No spamming.

As we continue to grow, we have already started relationships with more than 100 local artists around U.S.
Aurora will continue to grow and expand into every city within the United States. So follow us via Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned for new "Echoes" to be released around your area.